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Cynthia Closkey

I would pick Marshall Crenshaw in a heartbeat. The smaller venue is more than a plus, it's essential. And the number of others influenced by Crenshaw makes this a bit of rock history.

And the cost seals the deal.

I don't know you, so I can't guess at your pick. Would like to think that you think like me though. :)


We had that dilemna last year. U2 was playing in Philly the same night as Bruce Springsteen in Farifax, VA. Bruce was doing a folk song tour, so we did the U2 show instead and made a weekend of it. A good choice.


If I'm picking, I probably go with Crenshaw. I saw The Who a few years ago, while Entwistle was still alive. Zac Starkey did a decent job on drums. Good show.

But no Keith and no John? That's the thunder of The Who completely gone. I'd pass. Also, I've never bought Pete's "research" argument.

I think you went to The Who because you wanted the boys to have the experience of seeing them, even though it's a watered-down version.

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